Five Weird Ways to Use Activated Charcoal

It’s black, messy and almost creepy looking but the mineral power of activated charcoal can really improve your life in 5 big ways! My naturopath told me to pick up a bottle of Activated Charcoal capsules to bring with me to my trip to Asia last summer. If I was feeling a tummy ache after street food in Thailand or after a strange chicken curry in Bali, I popped one of these and felt better within a short amount of time and resisted a nasty food poisoning. I have been experimenting with this powerful black stuff since that trip. Here are 5 ways that I find activated charcoal useful:

  1. Acne : I use activated the most as my powerful black spot treatment! It also has shown to clear blackheads, and reduces shine and pore size when used as a full or T-zone face mask. It basically draws impurity out of the dermal layer in a way that mud mask would without the extreme drying side effect of most mud masks. Lots of spot treatments with salicilic acid and other medicinal chemicals can irritate my skin and almost make the acne look more flared up. Activated charcoal is inert and hypo-allergenic which is great to not get those intense reactions when trying to treat acne in the conventional/ pharmacy way.
  2. Digestive cleanse: Over time, pesticides on foods, exposure to mould, introduction of different bacteria after travelling, take 10 grams 90 minutes prior to each meal, for two days. After this cleanse you may notice increased energy, clearer skin, less sludgy digestive system, more clarity of the mind and decreased joint pain.
  3. Whiten Teeth: Surprisingly, this intensely black powder and help your teeth get pearly white! 2-3 times a week dip a wet toothbrush (with or without a bit of toothpaste) in activated charcoal powder. Brush in circular motions around the front and sides on the teeth. Sip water, swish it around your mouth, spit and repeat until clear. It’s less harsh on your enamel in comparison to baking soda (which I used to use).
  4. Prevent hangovers: Yay for no hangovers! With the holidays nearby, it’s a great idea to have these capsules in your purse or nigh stand. Activated charcoal with dampen the poisonous effect of too much alcohol. Charcoal sweeps up toxins and sugar from alcohol… also taking it with a tall glass of water before bed helps the painful dehydration part of a hangover.
  5. Food Poisoning: Acute vomitting and diahrea! Activated charcoal is the best! I brought these to Mexico with me and at our all-inclusive resort my cousin fell ill and was cooped up in her hotel room for a long time. These pills seemed to help a little bit but would’ve helped more if it was taken within the first hour of symptoms. Most doctors recommend¬†Adults take 25 grams at onset of symptoms or when food poisoning is suspected, and children should be given 10 grams. Always take with tons of water.