The Supermodel Workout: 6 Steps to a Gigi Hadid Body

Yes, please! The toned goddess, Gigi Hadid, featured on Sports Illustrated.



The three main assets that we all love to admire on a supermodel is their tight bums, flat abs and long, lean legs. I always am looking for ways to target these three areas at the gym and have reached out to a pro on the most simplest way to achieve the Gigi Hadid body. I’ve always wondered… how does supermodels like Gigi Hadid get that overall toned body while keeping her curves without gaining bulk? I asked my friend & personal trainer, Emily Bloom, to show me how to make this possible for anyone! Emily is the perfect girl to ask since, she herself has that Gigi Hadid body that gets me motivated and inspired! Look how hot this girl is and yes… her abs are real!

I only trust personal trainers who look like they could kick my butt into shape! #inspiration [@bodybybloom]
Emily has narrowed it down to 6 of her best workouts that Gigi Hadid and other supermodels do with their trainers. This = workout routine is designed for any woman who wants to slim down, get definition while amping up the naturally gorgeous curves of the female body. Enjoy and get ready to sweat!




  1. Isolated Jackknife

    Start by doing 5 sets of 20. You should be doing 100 a day and eventually get to 200 a day. Make sure you are completely extending back down and lengthening the abs before you crunch upward to touch the toes. Hands should be stacked on the other. This exercise does not bulk the abs outward but rather strengthens the inner core. (Sidetone: I did only 80 of these with Emily and the next day it hurt to laugh!)
  2. Ab Pull-Up

    For this move you’ll need this ab machine. Hang from your forearms and lengthen the lower body while keeping your shoulders down. From the lower abs, hinge your legs up keeping the knees straight as possible. Lower the legs down again to repeat. Do 3 sets of 15.
  3. Box Deep Squat

    Stand straight with each foot on a box. Hold a 35 lbs weight with both hands evenly. Sit your butt back into a squat while keeping your back straight and chest up. Rise back up as you squeeze the glutes at the top. Do 3 sets of 20. Emily always does 3 sets in order to build muscle memory. You can push the boxes closer together for a bit of an easier modification to the exercise.
  4. Kick Backs with Ankle Weights
    Strap on 5-10 lbs ankle weights (you can buy them here ). With a straight back, flat foot, and knees bent, kick one heel up to the ceiling and then bring your knee back down without resting it on the bench. Repeat 10 times and do 3 sets. If you don’t have ankle weights (even though they are recommended for the best results), the exercise is still effective just do more reps.
  5. TRX Side Mountain Climbers (+optional push up)
    The next two exercises are using TRX. Emily always incorporates TRX into her workout routines with clients because it is one of the best full body exercises. Start with your hands under shoulders, back flat and parallel to the floor. Bring one knee to the side as if to reach the same side’s elbow and extend the leg back to starting position. Do the same on the opposite side and repeat this 10 times for 3 reps. Eventually, get to a point where you can crawl down onto your forearms and then push yourself back up into starting position in between every set (see the video of how it’s done on my Instagram @jamierezoski).
  6. TRX Ab Jackknife
    Another great TRX move where your glutes should be squeezed the entire time. Start in the same position as #5, but this time, bring both knees towards your elbows keeping the legs glued together. Do 3 sets of 10.



Another big tip that Emily always suggests is to stretch before your workouts in order to not cause injury and lengthen your muscles before working them. Emily is a personal trainer and you can find her on her instagram @BodyByBloom to get more workouts to add to this new routine. Get in touch with her to inquire about booking a training session or (647)-542-7791

Thanks, Em!


(Print this and put it on your wall for motivation to get to the gym for the next time you’re feeling tired and about to make an excuse!)